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Ethiopian Community International School

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Contact person: Ethiopian Community International School
Service category: Education


The school foundation process coordinator office has prepared the office of the school conference in general 45 parents and students who are ready to teach their children in our school and the news committee and the news committee of the good news committee on the discussion entrance of the discussion. Special messenger and full power ambassador His Excellency Ambassador Sami Zechariah and Qatar Ethiopian Committee Association Engineer Qimelaw has given an explanation on the issues of the school in the school ::
Following the education parts and system that are given to education next year, and the next attention of the finance (including school payment) and the human power wall of the committee has been held in the committee of two members of the discussion documents of the committee. They have been responded to special questions from parents ::
In General, the main points that are held aware of the video conference are the following ::
1. The Rural government has given us a gift to the school building as the support of the fdre education ministry of education, as well as the rural government is ready for the service and permission of the ministry of Islam and Islam issues for the school:
2. in the next era of education, they have started to start the education work from kg to 2th parts of education and this process is working with attention to a professional group that can give quality education:
3. The number of students who are registered to decide the payment of students who are going to decide the payment of students who are going to decide the payment of students who are going to participate in the registration of the ministry of education and acceptance of the ministry of education. (look at the table below to compare the number of student number and can live) in this number of student's number will be registered in the previous study, the number of student who has been registered for the ministry of education, the maximum payment roof of 20 hundred discount (for abinet kg - it means that the annual payment will be 8 thousand 850 thousand 80) ::
4. Here is the division system, it is also prepared to make the quality of the school system, and parents should pay a limited place at the season and quality service to pay for the service of the school. It has believed that it is an important role in collecting special finance and material support that can be covered by ' wealth and option fundraiser methods have an important role in the parents of the parents ::
5. The school will officially start the registration of students soon, the permission and preparation process will be held in the next two weeks, and the school will be able to start the school in the next two weeks (which means kg-1 and kg - 2 Three Grade-1 and grade-2 two parts) will be held at least 1000 birr (one thousand) rural real payment.
6. The parents who have been participating in the school of our community in rural government and the school are participating in the process of establishing the school, not only to use this special opportunity to use this special opportunity for the school, but not only to use this special opportunity for the school.
7. The founder of the school committee is finishing the process of establishing the school at this time, here is a collection of parents in the school, and the board will be officially established in the next two months. His Excellency Ambassador has passed their call to participate too ::
You can get information about the school if you have any questions and reminders on phone number 70190281 or email address ecis_doha@gmai

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Contact person: Ethiopian Community International School
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